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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Let me start by introducing myself: Hi, I'm Grace Walker, and I started Beat the Culture to profess to YOU how important it is to do life different. That means how to handle your finances, your career, your relationships, you name it... ALL "differently" than the norm. The only person we should be listening to is God himself! We're weird here! Still confused?? Well, let's get into the "why" of my brand.

WHY: The culture is FILLED with myths- so many do's and don'ts that we are led to believe are true. The culture makes it seem like we need to follow it, but really it's holding us back from achieving our goals! Keeping up with the Jones' is NOT as important as achieving our own personal goals. We need to handle our finances, education, relationships, and overall LIFE in a better way. So STOP following the the stereotypes, and become the person that YOU want to be. The person that God designed you to be! Be yourself, and BEAT the culture.

HOW: Beating the culture is individual to every one of you. For me, it started with posting youtube videos. Going to a community college instead of a four year university. Graduating debt free by paying for college in cash. Getting my real estate license at 19. Following God and trusting him in all that I do. All of these choices I made were hard, because it was never the "cool" thing to do. But I LOVE the choices that I've made, and am so much happier on my path that I would have been if I'd followed everyone else. And I want to see YOU follow your own path, too! Whether that be something small, like starting a youtube channel, or something HUGE like creating your own podcast instead of going off to college (uhhh) ? WHATEVER IT MAY BE it's YOUR life, and I want to see you live it to the fullest- not the way that the culture tells you is "right."

LET'S GO: All of this is just surface level compared to the overall message I want to get across, but it all comes together in the end. So, let's get started! Enjoy the blog posts, the podcast episodes, the merchandise, etc. I made this brand for YOU. If you have ideas, feedback, want to be a part of this movement, or anything, CONTACT ME! But above all else, BEAT THE CULTURE.

- Grace Walker

Creator of Beat The Culture

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